Life Coach North York

Being a North York life coach, you will typically have a wide range of clients and personalities to work with.  However, more often than not many of these clients have very similar goals and problems.  Here are the five most common matters that my North York life-coaching clients seek to improve.

1. Relationships: Your romantic relationship is the biggest factor in your quality of life and overall happiness.  There’s nothing that can truly fill the void if someone’s romantic relationship is struggling, not for the long term at least.

2. Anxiety: Its 2023, there has never been more access to information and more of a need for certainty than our current world.  With so many distractions at our fingertips, and an overwhelming need to be certain and liked by others, anxiety is now prevalent in 1 out of 4 Canadians.

3. Depression: What was said for anxiety can be translated very easily for depression.  The main difference being that instead of the need for certainty being the driving force, connection is at the top of the list for most depressed people.

4. Career decisions: Long gone are the days where you get a job at 25 years old and remain with that same company until retirement.  The ‘Millennial’ generation is not in any rush to settle down into a job that they have no passion for.  The search for their true calling is definitely a beautiful thing.

5. Children: Almost every parent will put their child’s happiness above their own.  So when they see their child struggling with either anxiety, depression, school, sports, or self-identity, parents will search far and wide for answers.  The beauty in working with children is that they don’t have 30-40 years of the same patterns and way of thinking.  Meaning it can be a lot quicker to turn things around and improve their quality of life.

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