“I had an amazing life coaching experience with Jon. He gave me some very valuable tools and perspective . I can not recommend him enough.”


“Jon has the gift of making you feel instantly comfortable. His personality and wit combined with his NLP techniques have helped to change my perspective and put me in a great state in so many aspects of my life. He is truly passionate about what he does, and it definitely shows in his sessions and client interactions. On many occasions I’ve had coworkers or friends approach me and comment on projects I’ve been working on, or how I carry myself, or my motivation and ask me, “How have you been doing it? Because you’re killing it!” And I owe a lot my current success to techniques and life coaching strategies I’ve learned from Jon. Can’t recommend him enough!”


“Our son had been struggling with not only his hockey performance but his overall confidence as well.  We knew it had more to do with the mental aspect of his game and life, but didn’t know where to start.  Through coaching with Jon and his NLP and mindset/visualization approach, our son is back to playing his best with the added consistency that he’s never had before.  But more importantly his confidence and happiness levels have increased drastically.”


“Jon is insightful, honest and a great listener. He sees the big picture and is able to help craft a plan that can really improve your life. Whether it be relationship issues, work related problems or body image issues, he not only can help but is actually excited to! I love working with Jon, I always feel better about myself and the future afterwards. Definitely worth a shot to help yourself get in the right mindframe to kick butt and take names or to center yourself in the chaos around you.”


“After just two 90 minute coaching sessions with Jon I was able to really understand my motives behind a number of dis-empowering behaviors of mine.  Helping me to understand what my needs are and how to meet them in a fulfilling way, Jon has played an amazing role in my life since our first meeting.”


“Meeting with Jon for just 2 sessions in 4 weeks has been one of the best decisions of my adult life.  Always letting my moments of depression and anxiety get the best of me and take away from my quality of life, I decided to try out a life coach instead of a regular therapist.  Jon did not disappoint, and I have never felt so in control of my life and my emotions.”


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