What is Life & Performance Coaching?

The challenge with life & performance coaching is that there is not one universal definition and explanation.  For some it may mean being a high energy motivator, go-getter, and pathfinder.  For others it resembles a therapy/counselling session with lots of advice.

They’re just two words.  However those two words invoke a lot of different thoughts and reactions out of people.  Some are intrigued, some are standoffish, but the words life and coach will always be left up to each individual coach to provide the exact meaning.

For me, life coaching is absolutely about helping people change whatever it is they desire, but also helping people discover what changes would actually make them the happiest and most fulfilled.  We all have experienced meeting a goal or achieving something we thought would make us happy, but once we get there it turns out it doesn’t.  Success without fulfillment can be considered a failure by some, which is why it is so important to truly understand why you want these changes/goals, and how exactly they will improve your quality of life.

Who else but the client would know what the right choices and answers are?

This is what I base a lot of my coaching around.  I get to spend maybe an hour or two with each client,  that is a minuscule drop in the bucket when compared to how much time the client spends with themselves and their own mind.  The client will always know what the right answer is and what is best for them.  The key for the coach is guiding them there, getting them out of their own way, asking the right questions, and doing it all with love and selflessness.

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