The sense of urgency

Sooner or later, it will have to be now.

Whether it is tomorrow, six months, or 6 years, for a change to occur there will eventually have to be a moment of now.

So how can we speed up that process and create a sense of urgency for the desired change?

Unfortunately for most of us we are motivated by desperation rather than inspiration. We only start to act once we are desperate enough and once we have enough leverage. We lose weight only after the heart attack. We become a better husband only after our wife walks out the door. We get closer to our family only after our mother gets sick. The key question is how can we create a proactive sense of desperation and urgency?

There are a few mental exercises that come to mind but “The Dickens Pattern” is a personal favourite. It follows the same outline as the Charles Dickens novel “A Christmas Carol.” You think of a limiting belief or a limiting behaviour, and you write down all the ways it has negatively affected you in your past, your present, and will undoubtably continue to affect you in the future. Be very detailed, and do your best to see, hear, and feel all the ways and moments it has and will take away from your quality of life. Build up that leverage, feel the pain, create the sense of urgency to act upon the change.

We need leverage in order to change, and we need to feel some unpleasantness in order to amass that leverage.

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