The 6 Human Needs

Do people do things for a reason? Or is every action/reaction a complete coincidence and therefore unpredictable?  Over the past few years I have really started to take a deeper look into why I do things, why I think a certain way, and what exactly my motive for action is. This pursuit of self-understanding has led me to the Tony Robbins model of the 6 human needs.  This is a belief that there are a total of six human needs, and that any human action or thought process is in direct correlation to meeting one or more of these needs.  By the way, all of us have every single one of these needs, it just depends on which one or two are at the top of your list.  That is what will determine your behavior process.

  1. Certainty aka Control

The need to be sure.  To know what something is/was/means and to be confident of his/her surroundings and security.  If you know a person that you would classify as a “control freak” then the need for certainty is the top priority for them.  By trying to govern every aspect of their lives, they are fulfilling their need for certainty.

  1. Variety aka uncertainty

The need for change in your life.  Whether it be a change in mood or a change of clothes, if you find that you’re consistently searching for what’s next on the agenda or going from one mood to the other, then there is a high probability that variety is one of your top needs.

  1. Significance

The need to feel important, to feel different, to feel like your life has meaning and is special.  If this is your top need then it can be seen in dis-empowering behavior like; always having to be right, buying fancy cars/clothes that you can’t afford, being self-centered/egocentric.

  1. Connection/Love

The need to connect with others and feel loved.  You can also fulfill this need by simply connecting with yourself.  A popular way to achieve this is by feeling sad and crying.  Being depressed usually fulfills this need, albeit in a negative way.

  1. Contribution

The need to contribute.  To help others.  To feel a part of something bigger than yourself.  If during any type of accident or mishap, you’re the one giving the most assistance and comfort, then this is an abundant need for you.

  1. Growth

The need to feel like you are growing and improving in one or many aspects of your life.  Without growth one can feel trapped and unfulfilled in life.  If you are the type that constantly has the urge to be learning and getting new degree after new degree, then chances are that growth is high up on your needs scale.




Toronto Life Coach

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