Where do you get your certainty?

If you are aware of the six human needs and have really given them the time of day, then you know that there are 1 or 2 of those needs that are of top importance to each person.  Although we need to meet all 6, on a daily basis there is usually 1 or 2 needs that are your driving force and the main motivation behind your behavior.

The most prevalent need I see being pursued by my Toronto life coaching clients is certainty.  The need to be certain, to be assured, to feel safe, to know what something means, to know whats going to happen next.  This need of certainty and how it is met is so interesting to me.  In different parts of the world each culture achieves certainty differently.  In North America many people get their certainty through anger, repetitive routines, cigarettes etc.  Whereas in Indonesia and the middle east, religion and faith is the main source of certainty.

We all find ways to meet certainty, no matter what.  Even if we have to distort stories and make things up, we will find a way.  So if me and you are already meeting this, it’s on us to make sure that we choose positive and empowering methods.  Imagine if you can meet the need for certainty in a positive way like faith, self-belief, forward planning, hard work, and meditation.  How different will life be compared to meeting that need through anger, cigarettes, overeating, dominance in relationship, and staying in fight or flight mode.


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