The Coaching Process

The following is a very basic and somewhat crude explanation of what the key steps are in the coaching process.  Too often, many coaches jump head first into the client’s life and offer them all the right answers and advice.  Then, when they face resistance and the client does not achieve success, both are disappointed and disheartened.   Here are the 7 steps that will help the coach gain the client’s trust, get them both on the same page, and most importantly achieve the client’s desired/needed result.

1.  Understand and appreciate their world:  Create the connection.  Realize that if you were in their shoes, thinking how they think, having the resources available to you that they have, then you would be living the same way.  Its easy to sit back from your viewpoint and have all the answers, but chances are none of them will be correct.

2.  Create a base and get leverage:  Create a starting point and identify the area(s) that need to be addressed.  Have the client voice and identify this also.

3.  Interrupt limiting patterns:  Do not let the client retreat to their safe and limiting patterns.  An example is the client going back to a depressed state when trying to tackle their depression.

4.  Re-frame the problem in solvable terms:  Change the wording and meaning (where applicable) so that the problem is not too big or unsolvable.

5.  Create new empowering alternatives:  Create options that are more inline with the client’s beliefs and values.  People won’t change long term unless the change they seek is truly aligned with their self-identity.

6.  Condition the new decision:  Create an extrinsic and intrinsic reward system that rewards the new change and shows the client the positive side.

7.  Relate to highest goals and relationships:  Remind the client how this will positively impact all those around them.  Remind them how urgently important it is for this change to last and what this change will do for them and their family’s quality of life.




Toronto Life Coach

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