Coming out of the pandemic

The time has finally come, it appears that we are on the right side of this pandemic here in Canada, and now is the time we’re going to have to start re-establishing our lives and mindsets for the new post-covid world.

The reason us humans are able to get through any hardships that life throws at us, whether it be disease, war, poverty, or harsh conditions, is that we are incredibly adaptable. Humans can adapt and figure out how to survive in every part of the globe, through war, concentration camps, and yes even through pandemics. This ability to accept whatever conditions life throws at us can unfortunately have some negative side effects, especially when it’s time to reacclimate to normal life and safe surroundings. During these last 18-20 months we have all gone through some drastic mental shifts, changes to our outlook on the world, and the mindset we exhibit every day. However, now our part of the world is starting to function again with some normality. Now that this moment has arrived, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make the shift smoothly, and to not let your enhanced defense mechanism or your brand new super suspicion of every human ruin the rest of your 2021 and keep you guarded and closed off.

We have covered our faces, moved online, isolated ourselves, and developed many unhealthy behaviours along the way. A portion of the population has continued to thrive and roll with the punches, and another portion of the population has drank more, smoked more, sat more, argued more, online shopped more, and have shutdown emotionally.

We as a collective whole need to start meeting our needs in productive and empowering ways again. Now that our outlets for variety and connection are opening up again, we need to jump on those chances. No more looking for people to blame and news to be angry with. That external way of meeting your certainty needs will never be enough.

If you are struggling to get back into the swing of things and shake off your pandemic bad habits, maybe coaching is an answer. Resume your life knowing you have made it through the adversity from these last 20 months, and be better than ever mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Toronto Life Coach

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